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Indonesia’s Electricity Systems – Sumatera Interconnected System

The Sumatera interconnected system is the second largest electricity network in Indonesia, second only to the Jawa-Madura-Bali (JAMALI) grid, and covers the entire Sumatera mainland. At a Glance Operational systems: Sumatera Bagian Utara (SUMBAGUT) Sumatera Bagian Selatan & Tengah (SUMBAGSELTENG) Operating voltages: 275kV, 150kV, 70kV, 20kV, 0.4kV Number of customers: […]

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Importance of Inertia in Island Power Systems

The accurate modelling of inertia in an islanded power system is crucial when attempting to integrate low or inertia-less generation into the network, particularly those from intermittent sources, e.g. solar PV, converter-fed wind turbines, etc. In the context of synchronous generators, the term “inertia” generally refers to the kinetic energy […]

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