Indonesia’s Electricity Systems – Sulawesi Bagian Utara

The Sulawesi Bagian Utara (or SULUTGO) system comprises the provinces of Sulawesi Utara and Gorontalo.

At a Glance

Operational systems: Sulawesi Utara and Gorontalo
Operating voltages: 150kV, 20kV, 0.4kV
Energy sales (2017): 1,550 GWh
Peak load (2017): 384 MW (on 08 February 2017)
Installed capacity (2017): 412 MW
Firm capacity (2017): 403 MW
Maximum reserve margin at peak load (2016): 4.95%
Base Generation Cost (2016): 1,669 Rp/kWh

Power Plant Fuel Mix

Fuel mix estimated based on firm capacity as at March 2017:

Operational Characteristics

The system dispatcher for the SULUTGO system is PLN AP2B Sistem Minahasa based in Tomohon City, Sulawesi Utara.

This article is part of a series examining all of the major electricity networks in Indonesia. For more information and links to all of the articles, please refer to the overview page.

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