Indonesia’s Electricity Systems – Batam

The Batam system is located on the island of Batam in Riau Islands province. There is also a 150kV interconnector from GI Tanjung Kasam to the islands of Ngenang and Bintan (note that the interconnector is not shown in the network map below).

At a Glance

Operational systems: Batam, Ngenang and Bintan islands
Operating voltages: 150kV, 20kV, 0.4kV
Peak load (2017): 395 MW
Installed capacity (2017): 560 MW
Firm capacity (2017): 454 MW
Maximum reserve margin at peak load (2016): 14.9%
Base Generation Cost (2016): 1,583 Rp/kWh

Power Plant Fuel Mix

Fuel mix estimated based on firm capacity as at March 2017:

Operational Characteristics

The Batam system is owned and operated by PLN subsidiary bright PLN Batam.

Due to significant commercial and industrial activity in Batam, the load profile often exhibits peak loading during the day (see the real-time load profile from the load dispatch centre).

The Batam system is predominantly supplied by gas-fired generators (making up 64% of firm capacity), with natural gas supplied via pipelines from mainland Sumatera and the offshore Natuna gas fields.

This article is part of a series examining all of the major electricity networks in Indonesia. For more information and links to all of the articles, please refer to the overview page.

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