Jambi Merang LPG Handling – FPU-2 FEED

Location: Indonesia

Jambi Merang block located onshore South Sumatra, Indonesia is currently designed to produce natural gas and extract liquid from Pulau Gading (PG) and Sungai Kenawang (SK) fields. The production from SK and PG fields is processed in Sungai Kenawang Central Gas Plant (SKCGP), which is designed for 155 MMscfd feed gas.

The Client was looking to use temporary spare capacity on the LPG fractionation facilities to store and export LPG via an FPU and FSO.

Synergy's Scope of Work

Synergy performed a multidiscipline FEED study for the new FPU, which handles refrigeration and offloading of the LPG product.

The work scope included optimization of the process system for the compressor, refrigeration and flash vessels before sending it to the FSO.

Key Project Achievements

  1.  Flexibility in accommodating new concept in the middle of the ongoing FEED due to existing operator requirements.
  2. Multiple interfaces between two different operators and government regulators during the project duration