Wortel Development Value Engineering

Client: Santos 

Location: Indonesia

Wortel Gas Field is located in the Sampang Production Sharing Contract (PSC), approximately 8 km south of Madura Island and in approximately 42m of water.

At the time of the project, Santos was at the front end of developing the Wortel field. The development would involve the drilling and completion of two (2) wells through minimum facility wellhead platforms.

Value Improvement Practices (VIP) are a formally structured set of processes applied at the initial stages of projects to improve profitability above that attained through good engineering and project management practices.


Synergy's Scope of Work

Synergy conducted a VIP engineering study for the Wortel Wellhead Platform with a particular focus on VIP process simplification and design to capacity. The study applied a disciplined analytical method for reducing costs by modifying, combining and / or eliminating processing steps, and also removing excess capacity from the design.

The VIP study included several workshops with the Client and engineering contractor, followed by further analysis and evaluation of proposed recommendations.

Key Project Archievements

  1.  Facilitated VIP workshops including process simplification and design to capacity sessions. 
  2. Agreed on process simplifications and design capacity factors for the wellhead platform.