BK-TNG Wellhead Platform Hot Plume Study

Client: Technip 

Location: Vietnam 

Thien Ung field is located in the middle part of Block 04-3 in the Nam Con Son Basin, offshore Vietnam, approximately 270 km southeast of Vung Tau. Block 04-3 covers an area of approximately 2600 km2.

Thien Ung Wellhead Platform (BK-TNG) is designed to handle total gas production from Thien Ung field and associated gas from Dai Hung-02 platform transported via subsea pipeline.

Synergy's Scope of Work

Synergy performed a study to assess the impact of hot plumes and toxic gases (CO2, CO and NO) from the mouthpiece of engine exhausts on sensitive areas considered to be permanent working spaces (e.g. living quarters, control room, E&I room, muster area, etc).

The work scope also included the provision of recommendations and mitigation measures for sensitive areas affected by hot plumes and toxic gases.

Key Project Achievements

  1.  Generation of temperature and toxic gas contours using PHAST and Surfer software packages. 
  2. Assessed temperature and toxic gas contours against acceptable criteria and provided recommendations for mitigating unacceptable plumes.