Client: ENI 

Location: Nigeria 

The Etan field is located in the Nigerian Agip Exploration Limited (NAE) Deep Offshore Block approximately 150km offshore Nigeria. The field is in the deepwater eastern portion of the Niger Delta in Nigeria with water depth of around 1,950m.

The Etan field will be developed with a leased FPSO having a processing capacity of 60,000 BOPD and storage capacity in the range of 0.6 to 1 million barrels of processed oil. Water Injection, Gas Treatment and Export capabilities will be included in the FPSO topside facilities. Offloading will be in Tandem configuration to a Shuttle Tanker.


Synergy's Scope of Work

Synergy performed a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for the Etan FPSO, quantifying the risks to personnel due to Major Accident Events (MAEs) during normal operations. The work scope included:

  1. Estimation of the probability of fatality arising from MAEs on the FPSO
  2. Estimation of Individual Risk Per Annum (IRPA) and Potential Loss of Life (PLL) from hydrocarbon hazards (topside, riser and pipeline releases) and non-hydrocarbon hazards (Helicopter accidents, structural failures, ship collisions, dropped objects and occupational hazards).
  3. Evaluation of the overall IRPA and PLL values for personnel working on the FPSO.
  4. Evaluation of the quantified risk levels against the stipulated Risk Acceptance Criteria to ensure that the risks to personnel are within acceptance levels

Key Project Achievements

  1.  Calculated the Individual Risk Per Annum (IRPA) and Potential Loss of Life (PLL) due to hazards on Etan FPSO. 
  2. Assessed the quantified risk levels against the Risk Acceptance Criteriaand recommended measures for the following design phases to improve safety on the facility.