Flammable/Toxic Gas Dispersion Study

Location: Malaysia 

A gas dispersion study need to be carried out for the local vents discharging various gaseous effluents during relief scenario via pressure relief valves.

The objective is to determine the gas cloud size and subsequently reduce the risk of explosion due to flammable gas or toxic gas.

Synergy's Scope of Work

Synergy has modelled a gas dispersion from the local vents by using PHASTsoftware to identify the hazardous area, based on the LFL/UFL of the flammable gas or toxic gas.

The height and orientation of the local vents were reviewed, and necessary recommendations were provided to achieve the project’s objectives.

Key Project Achievements

  1. The size of the dispersion clouds and atmospheric stabilities were clearly illustrated. 
  2. The minimum vent height requirement and the best vent orientation are determined.