ANOA Alarm Rationalisation Study

Client: Premier Oil Natuna Sea B.V 

Location: Indonesia

Premier Oil Natuna Sea B.V operates the Anoa Field in Indonesia’s Natuna Sea Block A in the Natuna Sea, in Indonesian Waters approximately 256 NM NNE of Singapore close to the Indonesian / Malaysian territorial sea borders. The Anoa platform and Anoa FPSO have been on stream since 1990, whereas Anoa Gas Export (AGX) platform has been in operation since 2001.

Since operations at Anoa and AGX platform commenced, the number of alarms being generated from the numerous locations within the complex operational limits has indicated that these might no longer be acceptable within the guidelines of Premier Oil and international standards to assist operations personnel.

Synergy's Scope of Work

Synergy were engaged to review the current operating environment and prepare an analysis and recommendation in compliance with the Company’s Alarm Management Philosophy, EEMUA Publication No. 191 Alarm Systems – A guide to Design, Management and Procurement, and ANSI/ISA-18.2-2009 Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries.

Synergy held a workshop to establish the methodology for alarm rationalization, as well as getting agreement from the Premier Oil’s team on the criteria and categorization of the alarms. The Anoa and AGX Operations team were invited along with the Engineering Team to review, one by one, the alarm priority such as Critical / High / Medium / Low or Events alarms and verify that these alarms can indeed be classified as Critical / High / Medium / Low Priority or just an event from an operations point of view.

Key Project Achievements

  1.  Facilitated the workshop to prioritise all alarms as Critical / High / Medium / Low or Event. 
  2. Alarm prioritisations identified during the study were successfully implemented on site.