LP Flare Tip Incident Investigation

Client: Withheld 

Location: Indonesia

An incident occurred on an offshore facility whereby liquid hydrocarbon was ejected via the LP flare tip into the environment, leading to a hydrocarbon pool fire on the surface of the sea surrounding the platform.

There were no personnel injuries, damage to assets or lost production due to the event. However, any such incident warrants an investigation, particularly if there are remedial or mitigating actions that can be taken to prevent hydrocarbon release.


Synergy's Scope of Work

Synergy was engaged to carry out an investigation and root cause analysis of the incident in conjunction with a team of Client-side engineers and field personnel.

The scope of the investigation also required generating an action plan to prevent future such events from occurring.

Key Project Archievements

  1. Recreated the sequence of eventsleading to the incident and identified the root causes. 
  2. Recommended an action plan for eliminating the root causes of the incident.