Process Safety and Integrity Management (PSIM) Program

Client: Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ) 

Location: Indonesia

Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ) is the operator of the ONWJ Production Sharing Contract, an area in the Java sea covering approximately 8,300 square kilometres. The facilities operated by PHE ONWJ include 40 processing and service

The management of process safety and integrity is a core business activity for PHE ONWJ, which supports the ultimate policy goal of "No Incidents and continuous improvement". PHE ONWJ wanted a tool to help track, audit and maintain the objectives and achievements of staff working within the PSIM framework.

Synergy's Scope of Work

Synergy were commissioned to build a web-based application for the PSIM framework. The application was built to PHE ONWJ specifications using the Microsoft.NET framework, third-party controls from DevExpress and an Oracle backend database.

The following modules were included in the scope of work:

  1. User authentication
  2. Overview of PSIM
  3. Three year rolling plan
  4. Events information
  5. Process safety key performance indicators
  6. PSIM guideline documents
  7. Campaign information
  8. Process safety handbook documents
  9. Process safety KPI guidelines
  10. Training and socialisation information
  11. Training schedule information

Key Project Achievements

  1.  Developed and deployed a custom web application according to PHE ONWJ specifications. 
  2. The client was satisfied and has commissioned the next phase of the project with additional features and modules.