Sumpal Flare System Optimisation Study

Client: ConocoPhillips (Grissik) Ltd 

Location: Indonesia

The Sumpal Gas Station is a part of the Corridor Block PSC (Production Sharing Contract), located 40 km South-West of Grissik in South Sumatra. ConocoPhillips (Grissik) Ltd. ("COPGL") is the field operator.

The Sumpal facilities underwent an expansion in 2013, in which part of the scope was to review and optimise the existing flare design.

Synergy's Scope of Work

Synergy performed the flare optimisation study with the objective of reducing the flaring rate and optimising the flare system design while meeting safety and cost requirements.

The study included a flammable gas dispersion analysis using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software.

Key Project Archievements

  1. Assessed the capacity of the existing flare system to accommodate an increased maximum flaring rate due to the facility expansion.
  2. Provided recommended modifications to the existing flare system in order to overcome its capacity limitations.