Sumpal Noise Study

Client: ConocoPhillips (Grissik) Ltd 

Location: Indonesia

The Sumpal Gas Station is a part of the Corridor Block PSC (Production Sharing Contract), located 40 km South-West of Grissik in South Sumatra. ConocoPhillips (Grissik) Ltd. ("COPGL") is the field operator.

As part of the Sumpal Compression Project, new compression facilities were installed along with associated utility systems. A noise study was required to determine how these modifications would affect noise levels around the gas station during both normal operations and emergency scenarios.

Synergy's Scope of Work

Synergy performed the noise study by identifying all the major sources of noise (such as generaors, compressors, pumps, coolers, etc) and then modelling the cumulative propagation of the noise sources in CadnaA software.

The software simulations resulted in noise level contours around the gas station, which were then assessed against regulatory requirements. Where required, noise control measures were recommended for areas and scenarios where predicted noise levels exceeded regulatory requirements.

Key Project Archievements

  1.  Generated noise contours of noise levels in the Sumpal Gas Station using CadnA software. 
  2. Recommended appropriate noise control measures for areas and scenarios with predicted noise levels exceeding regulatory requirements.