South Sumatra NGL Project – LPG Technology Selection

Client: PT E1-Pertagas 

Location: South Sumatera, Indonesia

Client intends to build, own and operate an NGL Plant with facilities included cryogenic extraction facilities at Prabumulih Barat, a fractionation plant at Sungai Gerong and an NGL pipeline from Prabumulih Barat to a fractionation plant at Sungai Gerong.

The plant is designed to process 250 MMSFD of gas. 

Synergy's Scope of Work

Synergy was commissioned to conduct an LPG extraction process technology selection study. 

The work scope included the evaluation of conventional LPG extraction processes as well as proprietary technologies such as the Ortloff, Super-HyProTM TTC, Split Flow Redux, DELPROTM and SCORE processes.

Key Project Archievements

  1.  Process simulation of all conventional and proprietary LPG extraction processes. 
  2. Recommended LPG extraction technology based on technical performance and cost factors (CAPEX and OPEX).