Indonesia’s Electricity Systems – Kalimantan Barat

The Kalimantan Barat or Khatulistiwa system is the only major interconnected system in the western part of Kalimantan. As of 2016, it has a 230MW cross-border interconnection to the Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation (SESCO) system in Serawak, Malaysia.

At a Glance

Operational systems: Kalimantan Barat (Khatulistiwa)
Operating voltages: 275kV, 150kV, 20kV, 0.4kV
Energy sales (2017): 2,364 GWh
Peak load (2017): 306 MW (on 06 June 2017)
Installed capacity (2017): 417 MW
Firm capacity (2017): 396 MW
Maximum reserve margin at peak load (2016): 29.4%
Base Generation Cost (2016): 1,655 Rp/kWh

Power Plant Fuel Mix

Fuel mix estimated based on firm capacity as at March 2017:

Operational Characteristics

The 230MW, 275kV double-circuit Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation (SESCO) cross-border interconnector between GITET Bengkayang and Mambong substation was energised in 2016 and represents Indonesia’s first cross-border electricity interconnection.

The system dispatcher is PLN AP2B Kalbar based in Pontianak.

This article is part of a series examining all of the major electricity networks in Indonesia. For more information and links to all of the articles, please refer to the overview page.

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