Importance of Inertia in Island Power Systems

The accurate modelling of inertia in an islanded power system is crucial when attempting to integrate low or inertia-less generation into the network, particularly those from intermittent sources, e.g. solar PV, converter-fed wind turbines, etc. In the context of synchronous generators, the term “inertia” generally refers to the kinetic energy […]

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Supporting Fabricators with 3D Models

There is often a disconnect between engineering houses and fabricators, particularly small to medium scale fabricators who may have little or no in-house 3D cad system capabilities. Typically what normally happens at the end of the project design phase is that the engineering company hands over their 3D model to […]

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Should Laser Scan Models be Orthogonalised?

3D models developed from laser scan point clouds can be very accurate. So accurate, in fact, that 2D drawings derived from such models can appear rather untidy. To counter this, the laser scan model can be “orthogonalised”, so that slight angular imperfections in otherwise perpendicular joints (e.g. from sagging pipes) […]

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